MBA International Business Consulting

Prepared for Leadership

Enhance your career with a 15-month fast-track MBA. Our practical-oriented and innovative teaching methods - applied through case studies and real-world scenarios - will prepare you for a leading position in Germany and worldwide.

Are you aspiring toward a career in external or in-house business consulting or a management position in logistics, production, or marketing? While IBC remains one of only a few programs in Germany with a focus on consulting, our curriculum allows for professional flexibility and hence excellent job prospects.

Our lecturers' expertise, individual supervision in small-sized classes, and an international learning environment will support your personal growth.

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Details MBA-IBC

  • Program Profile

    Start: winter semester (annually)

    Application deadline: 30 June (annually)

    Duration: 3 semesters

    Admission requirements:

    • Completed academic education (Bachelor, Diploma or comparable)
    • Two years of relevant professional experience
    • Englisch Language skills

    Tuition fee: 10.400,- € for the entire program

    Degree: MBA - Master of Business Administration


  • Modules

    The teaching modules are fixed and divided into semesters. Details can be found in the current study and examination regulations. The following structure provides an overview of the curriculum per semester:

  • Career

    Prepared for Leadership

    Offenburg University offers a wide range of facilities to ensure your career as an international business consultant or business manager.

    The Career Center is made up of a team of experienced career counselors who can direct you through your contemplated or chosen career path. They have excellent contact with regional and international companies and jobs are always made known and available to students.

    Seminars on Applying in Germany will get you ready for writing applications successfully and presenting yourself to companies. The Career Center will also help to correct and translate CVs and letters of motivation. In addition, Offenburg University hosts a career day at the university and participates regularly in recruitment fairs at Cologne, Hannover or other bigger cities where students can directly contact companies, make enquiries about available positions and discuss any concerns they may have. Field trips to companies such as Daimler, SMART, etc. provide an excellent window of opportunity for students to get close to the organisations' work environment, structure and first hand overview of career opportunities. Our alumni have also been an excellent contact for obtaining positions, be it for obtaining internships or employment upon graduation. Alumni members get in touch with our careers counselors if any jobs are to be offered. 

  • Lecturers

    Prof. Dr. Rainer Fischer

    Dr.-Ing. Markus Dittrich

    Prof. Dr. Tobias Hagen

    Prof. Dr. Andreas Klasen

    Prof. Dr. Robert Köhler

    Brigitte Weyer (Austria)

    Smriti Prabhakar-Sood (NY/USA)

    Prof. Xinming HE (Newcastle/GB)

  • Application

    Online Application
    You can apply for the MBA in International Business Consulting full-time program by using our online application system

    Please use our online application system (HISinOne) to enter your personal data. The admission committee will screen your online application first to ensure our basic requirements are met. Upon screening, you will receive a status update either declining your application or requesting you to submit the required documents to support your application. The admission committee will then revert on the status of your application.

  • IBC Contact

    MBA-IBC Program Coordinator

    Komila Topal, B.A.
    Office: 2.05
    Klosterstr. 14
    77723 Gengenbach
    Ph.: +49 (0) 7803 / 9698 4468

    MBA-IBC Program Director

    Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Rainer Fischer
    Office: 2.01
    Klosterstr. 14
    77723 Gengenbach
    Ph.: +49 (0) 7803 / 9698 4420